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Tuesday, October 04, 2022

Helix Launches on Injective to Bring Crypto to the Masses

Injective Pro, a decentralized derivatives exchange, has announced a rebrand to “Helix” while also introducing a wide array of new features and advanced trading capabilities.

Helix launches in pursuit of bringing a premier decentralized trading experience to the masses. Helix holds the record of becoming one of the fastest growing exchanges upon launch, reaching over $1 billion in cumulative trading volume in just one month. Since then Helix has catapulted to new heights, attaining over $7 billion in cumulative trading volume across spot and perpetual markets.

Helix launches with advanced trading capabilities such as stop-limit orders, which allow a position to be automatically closed upon the asset reaching a predetermined price. Helix is powered by Injective which, following the recent $40M funding announcement from Jump Crypto and Brevan Howard, has continued to push forward as a blockchain for finance. Injective’s CosmWasm smart contract layer allows for a multitude of new applications, such as Helix, to be built on-chain.

Helix also introduces a new Convert interface for everyday users to swap digital assets on a simplified interface. Novice traders will now be able to place spot market orders easily on a decentralized order book exchange with this new Convert feature.

With the combination of advanced conditional orders and an intuitive Convert interface, Helix is aiming to break new ground with everyday and institutional traders alike.

“Helix has been meticulously designed to enable any user to seamlessly trade crypto assets across both spot and perpetual markets,” said Eric Chen, co-founder and CEO of Injective Labs. “The trading environment is further helped by the institutional gateways we are able to open via our custom API that is built with top tier financial firms in mind.”

Helix also features some of the lowest fees on any exchange, centralized or decentralized, with up to -1 bps maker fees on governance approved market listings. Over the coming months, Helix plans to introduce a series of upgrades to continue its ascent.

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