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Thursday, March 30, 2023
City Week 2023

Hatchfi Launches Out of Beta, Raising $1.2M Pre-Seed to Help Fintech Apps Bridge the Gap to Web 3

Hatchfi, a crypto integration platform that allows users to seamlessly connect crypto accounts to any app like they would a bank account, has launched out of beta on the heels of a $1.2M pre-seed raise with 30+ clients in the Fintech space including accounting & tax apps, investment platforms, crypto lending apps, financial tracking apps, and even crypto social apps. The round was led by Golden.com CEO Jude Gomilla, Delta Blockchain Fund, OrangeDAO, as well as other angel investors.The funds were used for development and early access launch.

Most existing integration platforms have specific focuses and are geared towards engineers building specifically for Web3, with incomplete integrations and data. Few actually make it possible for normal day-to-day financial applications to bridge into the world of Web3.

This is where Hatchfi stands out. Hatchfi focuses on end-user adoption by building a familiar onboarding experience, similar to linking a bank account through Plaid. Additionally, Hatchfi makes data human-readable and easily digestible to even novice builders and developers, empowering them to future-proof their apps within an hour, providing 270 complete integrations and growing.

Unlike other integration platforms, Hatchfi has no connection limitations, no sync credits, no degressive pricing, and zero storage of data limitations and offers accurate, complete integrations. This means developers can focus on building rich crypto-powered app experiences that paint a complete financial picture for their users without worrying about paywalls or overages.

Hatchfi’s infrastructure is built with enterprise-grade security best practices and audit certifications, including, but not limited to: SOCII Type 1, multi factor authentication, strong password and password rotations, Key Management Systems, and more.

Hatchfi is gearing up to raise their seed round, focusing on bringing the most complete integrations in the market, improving data quality and reliable infrastructure while continuing to focus on industry best security protocols.

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