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Thursday, May 30, 2024

Building the Bridge to Home Ownership: New American Funding Partnering with Uqual to Help Borrowers Become Loan Ready

New American Funding (NAF) believes people face too many hurdles when trying to buy a home. That’s why the mortgage company focuses on first-time homebuyers and those in underserved communities.

For some would-be homebuyers, their credit may be a major obstacle. Others may face debt-to-income challenges, particularly in today’s economy. To help overcome those hurdles, NAF is partnering with Uqual, a full-service loan readiness company, to help prospective borrowers achieve the dream of homeownership.

Through this partnership, customers who wouldn’t otherwise qualify for a loan will be connected with Uqual, which provides access to multiple services to help consumers improve key lending metrics. Uqual provides a suite of tools and resources that:

Give access to a fintech platform including debt reduction, credit management, and money saving
Provide ongoing 1:1 access to a Loan Readiness Coach
Create a personalized action plan to show what steps should be taken to improve lendability
Uqual clients also receive a personalized Loan Readiness Score™ that tracks their progress on reaching their home loan and provides regular updates. Clients can track their debt-to-income, credit, and down payment savings all in one easy-to-understand dashboard.

Upon completion of the loan readiness program, borrowers will be reconnected with NAF for their mortgage needs. NAF will provide a $500 lender credit to clients who successfully complete the program.

“We believe in serving people who’ve been overlooked,” NAF Co-Founder and CEO Rick Arvielo said. “We’re thrilled to partner with Uqual to help fulfill the dream of homeownership for those who may have thought their financial situation was standing in their way. This partnership will help us build a bridge to homeownership for deserving people nationwide.”

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