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Friday, December 01, 2023

U.S. Bank Unveils Connected Partnership Network

U.S. Bank today unveiled an online marketplace of third-party payment and treasury solutions that are fully integrated with U.S. Bank systems. The U.S. Bank Connected Partnership Network helps corporate treasury teams easily identify and adopt technology connected with the bank, such as treasury management systems and working capital automation tools. The U.S. Bank Connected Partnership Network also enables fintechs and other third parties to develop applications powered by U.S. Bank Payment Services and delivered through the Connected Partnership Network.

Businesses can quickly determine which of their existing tech solutions are already integrated into the Connected Partnership Network, opening up opportunities to seamlessly connect to U.S. Bank payments within their existing systems. This is the latest example of the bank’s embedded payments strategy, delivering U.S. Bank capabilities within applications already used by businesses.

“Businesses are increasingly looking for ways to gain efficiency and streamline their processes,” said Rich Erario, head of Global Treasury Management at U.S. Bank. “We know from our own research and conversations with clients that they see opportunity for digital transformation in their payment processes – whether receiving money from clients or sending payments to vendors. They are delighted when they can easily connect their bank to the software, processes and systems they use every day, without the need to use multiple portals.”

Erario added, “Our vision at U.S. Bank is to deliver integrated, real-time payment solutions, which allow clients to experience embedded payment and reporting capabilities quickly and seamlessly.”

The U.S. Bank Connected Partnership Network makes it easy to search and find third-party applications integrated with U.S. Bank. Using integrated network partners can help businesses reduce the time and resources needed to implement treasury management services through embedded banking. To automate and optimize cash management, businesses can access a variety of integrated solutions that deliver the best of emerging technologies. And third parties benefit from the ability to integrate with U.S. Bank more easily on behalf of mutual clients. Examples include integrations with ERP systems, treasury management systems, and accounts payable and receivable systems.

U.S. Bank is a leader in global payments, offering strength and stability with the flexibility and acumen to deliver contemporary digital banking and payments capabilities.

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