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Monday, September 25, 2023

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FTUK Revolutionizes Forex Trading With Important Funding Program Updates

FTUK, the premier proprietary trading firm, launched an innovative range of funding programs two years ago, aimed at giving traders a smart and affordable way to realize bigger profits.

Founded in 2021, FTUK has since become the go-to place for profitable forex traders worldwide. One of the company’s most popular programs is instant funding, which allows traders to access live funds and start trading with the firm’s capital from day one.

FTUK’s evaluation program, which consists of one single phase, provides an even more affordable option for traders to get started with tradable instruments such as indices and traders can choose to trade in multiple currencies. The company has also increased its maximum funding to $5,760,000 in recent months.

The firm provides fully funded accounts, zero loss liability and no hidden costs, ensuring that traders have complete peace of mind. Traders can trade remotely from anywhere in the world as long as they have internet access and a reliable trading strategy. The company offers leverage of up to 1:100, which is more than enough to make fantastic returns with discipline.

One of the many benefits of trading with FTUK is the ability to hold trades over weekends and the company does not limit the hours that traders can trade. Additionally, traders can earn from day one with instant funding programs, providing funding to start earning immediately.

FTUK’s Augmented Growth program is designed for fast, profitable scaling, and is unheard of when trading with personal capital. As traders master their skills, they are trusted with more capital, and the company supports them with advice from supportive senior that augment their knowledge and elevate their success.

FTUK’s program is fair; traders keep 80% of their profits, and they can trade up to $5,760,000 of the company’s capital.

FTUK’s reputation for reliability and excellence has made it the preferred choice for traders worldwide. With over 15,000 traders in 130 countries funded by the company in the last two years, FTUK has established itself as a leading proprietary trading firm that supports traders in all career phases.

“We believe that every trader deserves the chance to succeed and our funding programs offer an opportunity for traders to trade with large capital without restrictions,” a spokesperson for FTUK said.

As part of its innovation and evolution, FTUK continually adjusts its offerings to better serve its trading community. Part of this approach is modifying its trading regulations and procedures. As a result, it has introduced dynamic, exciting new updates to its trading rules, including:

– 80% profit split from Level 1..
– The discontinuation of aggressive programs.
– Lifting of maximum trading days.
– Introducing a “no stop loss” addon.
– Increasing absolute drawdown to 6%.
– Increasing maximum risk per symbol to 2%.

FTUK’s funding programs are designed for disciplined traders who prefer a hassle-free program with less variance. The program requires funded accounts to see at least a 10% profit to scale up, with an absolute drawdown of 6% and the use of leverage up to 1:100. Through the platform, the firm doubles traders’ money every time they reach a milestone, increasing the scalability and unlocking exceptional profit potential.

The support team at FTUK is world-class and ready to help traders of all levels, with any degree of experience. Whether they are novice forex traders or seasoned veterans, the knowledge base and accessibility of customer support at FTUK is second to none.

To get started and be a part of the funded traders team all you need is to secure your funding program with a one-time sign-up fee and be over 18 years old.

FTUK’s dashboard enables traders to track and monitor their trading performance, ensuring transparency and accountability. The company provides reliable payouts, fast scaling and in-house trader support, along with online coaching to ensure that no trader is left behind.

With a global network, reliable and rewarding funding options and transparency in operations, FTUK is ideal for funded forex traders around the world.

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