" class="no-js "lang="en-US"> Eaglebrook Partners with AltoIRA, Enabling Seamless Investment in Bitcoin from Retirement Accounts for Independent Financial Advisors
Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Eaglebrook Partners with AltoIRA, Enabling Seamless Investment in Bitcoin from Retirement Accounts for Independent Financial Advisors

Eaglebrook Advisors (Eaglebrook) has partnered with Alto Solutions, Inc. (AltoIRA) to give independent financial advisors the ability to seamlessly invest in bitcoin and other digital assets through tax-advantaged accounts.

Eaglebrook is the first secure and compliant1 SMA platform that specializes in bitcoin and digital assets and is specifically designed for Registered Investment Advisers (RIAs). With Eaglebrook’s addition of the streamlined IRA onboarding workflow, financial advisors can now quickly and cost-effectively allocate client assets to bitcoin and digital assets in retirement accounts.  

“We are thrilled to join forces with AltoIRA to simplify and optimize the process of investing retirement assets in bitcoin and digital assets using customizable, tax-advantaged accounts,” said Christopher King, CEO of Eaglebrook Advisors. “It only takes a few minutes for a financial advisor to open a self-directed IRA and transfer assets with AltoIRA. Eaglebrook takes care of everything else—including trade execution, portfolio management, compliance, and reporting. Our partnership with AltoIRA offers IRA investors secure, compliant, and streamlined access to bitcoin and digital assets at a time when market trends are making this asset class particularly attractive.”  

Demand for bitcoin and digital asset exposure from advisors and their clients has accelerated over the past few months. RIAs and financial advisors have become better educated on the emerging asset class and its asymmetric upside. Eaglebrook’s SMA platform is fully integrated with the major portfolio management and reporting systems enabling advisors to model, bill, and advise on their clients’ bitcoin and digital asset holdings within a secure, unified system. Investment in Eaglebrook SMAs give investors direct ownership of their digital assets, which are held in an offline, institutional-grade custody account at a qualified custodian. To learn more, please visit https://www.eaglebrookadvisors.com

“We’ve seen investor interest in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies more broadly explode in recent years, along with interest in using tax-advantaged self-directed IRAs to invest,” said Eric Satz, Founder and CEO of Alto Solutions. “We are proud to work with Eaglebrook to make it easy for advisors to securely incorporate digital asset investment strategies into any type of self-directed IRA on behalf of their clients.”

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