Friday, June 21, 2024

Dock Launches a Revolutionary New Platform For Integrated Banking and Payments Solutions

Dock, an innovator in financial technology infrastructure across Latin America, has launched Dock One, an integrated cloud-based platform for banking and payments that allows companies to easily scale business operations anywhere in the world by offering financial services enablement to their customers. The innovative platform is the first of its kind in the market and is now live for customers across Latin America.

Dock One is the result of applying Dock’s 20 years of experience and combining it with state of the art technology designed for the payments and banking market. With the new platform, companies from different sectors can fully manage the financial services they offer their customers, providing them the autonomy to add new businesses to their operations and expand to Latin American countries through a single interface.

The first of its kind in the market, Dock One is built to be a global solution, with decentralized and specialized modules. The platform will facilitate the expansion of customers who want to take their products and businesses to other countries, by minimizing the impact of development and integration. Once integrated with the Dock platform, customers can use the same technology stack wherever they are operating in the world. The platform is fully integrated with global card brand networks like Mastercard, Visa and Elo. These integrations allow users to have a streamlined journey when authorizing and reconciliating prepaid and debit products.

With this tool, customers can evolve their business model without needing a new integration or migration, adding new services and products in an agile way using the same configuration. The expectation is that the new platform will encourage customers combine financial products in a way that aligns with customer expectations and meets the demands of new generations, such as the search for new credit products.

“The release of Dock One is perhaps the most significant technological shift in our company’s history,” said Antonio Soares, CEO at Dock. “Our clients have the benefit of not only access to the best available technology, but also access to Dock’s experts who fundamentally understand business in LatAm, and can consult on the best solutions to help our clients reach their goals.”

Other features of the platform include:

  • Fraud prevention with FICO® FALCON® Fraud Prevention allows for native integration with the platform that can provide online, real-time transaction analysis with custom rules, as well as a set of solutions for managing daily operations.
  • Native technology for a fully micro-serviced and scalable cloud, with better cost-effectiveness and flexible options the creation of a custom user experience.
  • An integrated API enables streamlined implementation and customization for a client’s operation according to their business model.
  • Data delivery ecosystem for notifications, real-time analytics and massive data extraction.
  • Full autonomy for clients delivers more agility and control, bringing the best experience for the final customer.
  • Event-driven architecture allows for quick improvement and deployment for each component by isolating eventual impacts.

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