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Thursday, June 08, 2023
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Dext Survey Reveals Majority of Accountants Are Digital Champions

A survey from Dext, the cloud pre-accounting platform, has revealed that the majority (43%) of accountants are ‘Digital Champions’.

Defined as being confident with technology and knowing how to use accounting software and automation tools effectively, Digital Champions embrace digital tools as a way to improve efficiency and save time at their firm.

Conducted at Accountex London and online, and with over 200 respondents so far, the survey looked into a variety of ways automation is transforming the role of accountants, and how they implement technology into their roles, to empower accountants to discover their digital self and how far along their firm is on the digital transformation journey.

Following Digital Champions, 33% were identified as Digital Detectives, who are curious about technology and enjoy exploring new accounting software and automation tools. Digital Detectives are eager to learn and may have tested some tools already, but are now keen to investigate more tools to help their firm save time and increase efficiency.

A further 16% are Digital Superheros, who are the true masters of digital technology, and 7% are Digital Spectators, those who are just starting to explore the options available and may find it challenging to navigate new technology.

When asked how automated accountancy firms are currently, over half (59%) claimed to be cloud-based and proud,but would welcome automation improvement. Additionally, 64% of accountants surveyed felt pretty confident with the ability to navigate most automated tools like a pro when it comes to technology.

Paul Lodder, VP of Product Strategy at Dext committed: “The survey emphasises that the majority of accountants are ready to take the next steps in their digital journey to help save time. Nearly half (49%) of respondents said they found their  tech is like a superhero,  saving  tonnes of time and effort. It is great to see so many accountants being supported in their roles with the implementation of automation across the sector.”

To take the quiz, visit the website here.

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