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Thursday, June 13, 2024

Debite launches an innovative new product; Debite Pay

Debite, the dynamic financing platform built for early-stage companies, has announced they’re launching a new product called Debite Pay.

Debite Pay is an innovative payment solution that allows early-stage companies to send a payment directly from their Debite corporate credit card to a bank account.

Early-stage companies can unlock the ability to use their line of credit to pay suppliers that prefer bank transfers or might not accept card payments. Companies can also split those payments up to 12 months using the “Pay-in instalments” feature, extending their runway and ensuring greater payment flexibility.

Debite Pay solves the long-standing problem founders have faced; making bank transfer payments when they don’t have enough cash in their bank account. When cash flow is low, large payments to suppliers can prevent or stunt growth and, in many circumstances, may even cause a business to close down. With Debite Pay, this problem is removed.

Debite was born with a mission to help businesses manage their cash flow more effectively and maximise their growth potential. This new feature provides even more flexibility to early-stage companies searching for new ways to smooth out business expenses, whether it is a card payment or bank transfer.

Debite Pay will initially be offered to companies in the UK market. It is an interest-free credit for up to 35 days, with transfer fees starting from only £5. It has a built-in instalment feature that can split payments over 3, 6, 9 or 12 months.

Debite’s CEO Tayga Baltacioglu says about the launch: “I’m thrilled to launch Debite Pay. Having founded and invested in high-growth startups myself, I’ve personally experienced the deep frustration that can come from struggling to pay suppliers who insist on bank transfers and the big impact that can have on fueling growth. I know many founders will be excited to use this new product, and I’m delighted to be part of a team that is helping boost the growth of UK startups.”

Debite’s application process takes less than 5 minutes and is underpinned by its proprietary technology, with no personal guarantees required. A decision is made within 24 hours, with a credit limit available instantly. Customers can then easily use this limit to make card payments or bank transfers with the Debite corporate card or Debite Pay.

Since the official launch in July, demand and usage for Debite have been impressive. Debite has seen hundreds of customers applying to use the corporate credit card.

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