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Monday, February 06, 2023
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Enhancing Authentication for Luxury Brands With Blockchain

Aura Blockchain Consortium, a leader in blockchain solutions for the certification of luxury goods, and Mojix, a global leader in item-level intelligence solutions for supply chains, have entered into a strategic collaboration with a view to offer the Aura Blockchain Consortium members the possibility to connect the two technical architectures.

To further enrich customer experience, the two organizations are spearheading strategic efforts in building transparency and trust within the global luxury ecosystem. Connecting the cloud-based Mojix platform to the Aura Blockchain would enable certified traceability via immutable item identification, as well as instant and accurate track-and-trace, back to any original material composing an individual article.

Aura Blockchain Consortium enables and supports participating members to tag their products with secure, unique blockchain-based identities that can track a product’s manufacture and supply from raw materials through to the end customer. With Aura SaaS, it allows for both upstream and downstream traceability in the supply chain for consumers – making it one of the best direct-to-consumer offerings in the market and giving full transparency to the customers. Thanks to NFC-RFID technology and serialization, Mojix can deliver standardized unique identities to luxury items and track them from source to sale. At any stage within the supply chain, the GS1 EPCIS standard enables visibility on event data, for users to gain a shared view of the items. Aura Blockchain technology secures this data, thereby providing its immutable and irrefutable nature.

The collaboration is expected to bring opportunities for Aura Blockchain Consortium members and generate awareness around the benefits of digitization and item-level intelligence in the luxury industry. Benefits will apply to companies irrespective of their size and nature, and will support the main pillars of luxury credibility, well beyond simply authentication. The benefits include facilitating brand protection, enhancing quality and provider control and improving customer loyalty through unique, item-specific, and undisputed information on provenance and conditions of manufacture and/or transportation.

Daniela Ott, General Secretary of Aura Blockchain Consortium says: “Our mission is to address common issues across the luxury industry, thus enhancing the overall customer experience with the use of technology. The Aura Consortium is building a partnership ecosystem to support its member brands, and we are thrilled to welcome Mojix as our latest global ecosystem partner. With Mojix, we are giving our members exciting and exceptional new technological opportunities in the field of traceability to protect and grow their brands globally.”

Dan Doles, Mojix CEO concludes: “We’re honored to be able to demonstrate, once again, the power of item-level intelligence and transparency in the world of luxury, one that we know well and have supported for the past twenty years. The difference this time is major: our partnership with the Aura Blockchain Consortium will make it very easy to onboard brands to digitization, serialization, and the pertinent use of that data. We’re looking forward to it!”

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