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Thursday, December 07, 2023

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CoinZoom Adds Apple and Google Pay to Build an Easy on-ramp for the Post-Pandemic ‘Digital Wallet Generation’

CoinZoom, a leading U.S based fintech company and cryptocurrency exchange, has added both Apple and Google pay as funding options on its iOS and Android apps. Customers utilizing the regulated exchange can now fund their accounts, access a range of free or low-cost financial services and purchase cryptocurrency with the tap of a button.

“One of the barriers to crypto adoption has been the lack of an easy and convenient way to load funds onto an account or wallet to spend or invest,” said CoinZoom CEO, Todd Crosland. “We’ve made it a priority to remove that barrier with a myriad of funding options including debit cards, credit cards, ACH deposits, wire transfers, cash deposits and now Apple Pay and Google Pay. It’s extremely user-friendly to deposit and transfer funds on our platform from your phone – and then spend or invest your money in a range of forms from dollars to crypto. You can also purchase NFTs on our marketplace on your phone in seconds with Apple Pay and Google Pay.”

Post-pandemic, digital wallets backed by debit cards have become the fastest growing preference for payment across smartphone users – hitting all the preferences for contactless, better budgeting, security and convenience. Younger consumers especially are rewiring their payments to include more mobile payments, more ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ options and are looking for better rewards for their everyday spending.

“For many, crypto is seen as a great leveler. They do not see themselves or their lives depicted in traditional finance ads or marketing – and see the fiat system as unfairly biased to those who already have many advantages. Crypto does not have these pre-set judgements – and even a small step into this asset class is seen as a path to a seat at a fairer, more inclusive table.” said Crosland, who founded the CoinZoom business in 2018.

A good example of where blockchain technology has a natural advantage is remittances. This industry charges 6% fees on average globally – which is a total revenue over $40bn at a market value of $672.46bn in 2021 (World Bank). That revenue exceeds the total GDP of more than 90 countries across the globe. Blockchain can enable digital transfers to be instant, low cost and direct – no cash pick-up, no 3-day to a week delay and no eye-watering fees. CoinZoom users can send USD and crypto domestically or internationally to other users instantly, for free through ZoomMe.

“It was our best-kept secret but now it is gathering pace as economies around the world harden and word of mouth spreads,” said Crosland. “We have seen growth of 746% over the second half of 2022 as more and more people discover the service.”

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