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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Alchemy Pay Expands Global Reach Through Checkout.com’s Payment Rails

The leading fiat-crypto payment gateway, Alchemy Pay, has announced a significant partnership with Checkout.com, a renowned payment processor for global digital businesses. Alchemy Pay has seamlessly integrated Checkout.com’s Visa and Mastercard channels into its On and Off-ramp, enabling effortless transaction between fiat currency and cryptocurrency across the globe. Additionally, NFT Checkout is also scheduled to integrate these two channels in the near future.

With the payment rails of Visa and Mastercard integrated via Checkout.com, Alchemy Pay achieves one of the highest payment acceptance rates in the industry. This integration enables users to effortlessly buy and sell digital assets through Visa and Mastercard using the Alchemy Pay Ramp and NFT Checkout. The smooth conversion process facilitated by Checkout.com plays a crucial role in eliminating obstacles to widespread crypto and NFT service adoption, perfectly aligning with Alchemy Pay’s mission of bridging the gap between the fiat and crypto global economies.

Checkout.com is a global payments solution provider focused specifically on large global enterprise merchants, handling huge volumes of transactions on a daily basis. According to the company itself, Checkout.com processed hundreds of billions of dollars in payments solely in 2021. Among its esteemed clientele are major names such as Netflix, Farfetch, Grab, Sony, Pizza Hut, and Shein.

As Checkout.com is at the forefront of its industry as a payment processor, it also strengthens its presence by providing vital support to the foremost players in the crypto industry, including Circle and Kucoin,and more. The company’s outstanding offerings, featuring higher global acceptance rates, enhanced conversion rates, reduced chargebacks, and the ability to offer comprehensive global coverage through a single, streamlined entry point, make it an appealing choice for numerous partners.

Alchemy Pay has actively pursued collaborations with renowned global acquirers and payment processors to facilitate its on and off-ramp processes. By leveraging their payment channels, Alchemy Pay has successfully connected to its key markets worldwide. These partners have considerably increased Alchemy Pay’s capabilities, not only in global coverage and licensing, but also in reduced transaction and operating costs.

Except for these partnerships, Alchemy Pay boasts an impressive track record in securing licenses across various countries and regions such as the United States, Canada, Indonesia, Lithuania, highlighting its competence and payment abilities in the crypto payment industry. This success and endeavor has also been acknowledged by major players like Visa and Mastercard, who recognize Alchemy Pay as their official payment service provider.

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