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Sunday, February 25, 2024

Crypto Service Provider Coinmotion Partners Up with FA Solutions to Accelerate Institutional Crypto Offering

Nordic crypto asset service provider Coinmotion has partnered with Helsinki-based cloud portfolio management platform provider FA Solutions to expand its reporting and monitoring capabilities to better cater to institutional investors and corporations.

FA Solutions provided a solution for Coinmotion to develop and maintain its crypto asset reporting and monitoring, enabling the company to effortlessly perform the daily industry-standard actions and reporting to its institutional clients. FA Solutions’ FA Platform provided an easy-to-use, automated platform for calculating net asset values (NAVs), maintaining a master crypto asset registry, performing fee calculations, and enabling all the other operations required within professional, institutional reporting. In addition to enabling their institutional operations with an automated online platform, Coinmotion wanted to elevate their institutional clients’ customer experience by offering them a user-friendly Client Portal. FA Solutions provides a way for Coinmotion to offer their institutional customers a white-labeled client portal to see how their crypto assets are performing, receive timely reports, and request more detailed reports and analyses as provided by the platform.

“The FA Platform solved two significant needs for us at Coinmotion. We want to be able to expand and grow our offering to institutions and make crypto allocation and exposure management much more effortless,” says Coinmotion’s Head of Institutions, Thomas Brand. “To offer a tenable and viable bitcoin and crypto asset exposure for institutional clientele, process automation was a must, as was providing a way for institutional investors to transparently and automatically show how various crypto assets are performing,” he continues.

Coinmotion is a Finnish cryptocurrency wealth manager that makes investing in cryptocurrencies easy and secure, just like doing business with more traditional financial services providers. Established in 2012, the company’s mission is to create the best cryptocurrency wealth management experience in Europe. Coinmotion is subject to the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority’s supervision and customer identification requirements. It is one of the few regulated crypto asset entities in Europe with a payment institution license and a virtual currency service provider status. Increasing and easing the institutional use of crypto will accelerate it to become a mainstream asset class and therefore lead to broader adoption by a wider audience of investors.

“We are delighted to serve a new type of service provider and asset class where the underlying assets are mainly crypto investments and other forms of virtual assets. We think that support for alternative asset types and classes is important for many asset managers today,” says Hannes Helenius, Head of Marketing and Partnerships at FA Solutions.

To date, FA Solutions serves over 70 major banks, independent asset managers, and institutional investors in 15 different countries. Founded in 1999, FA Solutions currently has offices in Finland, Sweden, Latvia, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.

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