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Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Anodot Enters Financial Sector To Upend BI Stagnation

Business Incident and Anomaly Detection Company Empowers FinTech Companies with Unprecedented Business Intelligence Insights to Prevent Crises and Highlight Opportunities

Anodot has launched its services for financial technology companies. Anodot will provide machine learning and real-time data streaming analytics to the fintech companies which are lending and processing transactions in greater quantities than ever before, and initiating new financial business models.

Issues like payment drops or page latency erode fintech companies’ customer satisfaction and trust, revenue and brand. Yet intelligence analysts utilizing standard BI solutions will often miss these and other issues like processing changes, faulty integrations or visitor behavior changes, or they will learn of them days or weeks after they occurred.

This delayed notification is debilitating for companies in the financial industry which must perform with the highest standard of availability and reliability.

Anodot’s business incident detection solution automatically learns streaming data’s normal behavior including seasonal and other complex patterns, to identify and alert customers on any combination of metrics that behave abnormally. Anodot finally provides fintech companies the tools needed to detect and diagnose issues early, resolve them quickly, and take preemptive actions before they turn into crises. This is a drastic change from the static nature of BI as it exists today.

Fintech companies are charging ahead with increasingly sophisticated technologies, yet they are relying on old-fashioned BI solutions that do not meet their needs,” said David Drai, CEO of Anodot. “Business intelligence is more than looking at attractive visualizations on graphs, it is the provision of clear and accurate insights needed to identify and correct issues which, when undetected, can destabilize companies. As our client base continues to grow steadily, we are looking forward to welcoming more financial technology companies to the world of rapid anomaly detection and real time business analytics.”

Anodot’s scalable SaaS solution uses machine learning to learn the normal patterns in streaming data, and to identify, report, and visualize business incidents in real time, as they occur.  Anodot’s algorithms handle complex data including transactions, transaction volume, and impressions for every combination of data variables.  It’s smart scoring and correlation of related anomalies decreases alert storms and enables root cause analysis for rapid and effective management of issues and discovery of business opportunities.  In 10 months since Anodot’s launch the company’s customers have grown to include scores of data-centric business, among them Fortune 500 companies.

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