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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

AfricaCom 2018 – Telcos creating value in new, unprecedented ways

Whether your focus is on 5G, policy and regulatory frameworks that are going to enable communications, ICT investment, new revenue streams or accelerating the spread of digital connectivity throughout sub-Saharan Africa, AfricaCom 2018 – 13 to 15 November at the CTICC in Cape Town, South Africa – will be the place to be to shape Africa’s telco future.

With the expansion of the digital realm, AfricaCom also continues to grow and evolve. And the agenda for this year’s event reflects this with a raft of highly relevant, stimulating and thought-provoking topics, business critical programmes, a world class speaker line-up and unmissable show features. View here for further information.

Here are some of the key features Telcos can look forward to at the 21st edition of the world’s largest Africa-focused TMT event:

The need for speed – 5G Africa

This year, LTE Africa is being re-launched as 5G Africa. Reflecting the shift in focus towards these next steps in LTE advancement and 5G strategy definition and development, 5G Africa is working to ensure that African countries and businesses are equipped and positioned to benefit from 5G innovation.

Several major Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) in Africa have already embarked on their 5G journeys and will share their learnings with visitors at the 21st edition of AfricaCom. It is also the ideal opportunity to explore 5G use cases, learn about next generation services enabled by 5G and build a detailed roadmap for 5G deployments in Africa.

Hot topics will include transitioning from 4G to 5G, next generation services: AR/VR, AI, VOLTE, 5G enabling technologies: MEC, NFV, SDN, Network Slicing, 5G trial case studies, Spectrum and RAN developments on the road to 5G and 5G fixed wireless broadband.

Accelerating the spread of digital connectivity – Connecting Africa

Connecting Africa is a top track at AfricaCom 2018 focussing on accelerating the spread of digital connectivity throughout sub-Saharan Africa. Connectivity champions will unite to discuss how favourable policy and the right technologies and business models will enable MNOs and ISPs to expand their networks to bridge Africa’s digital divide.

Hot topics include strengthening broadband networks, expanding satellite connectivity, innovative rural connectivity solutions, fibre deployment and establishing new partnerships to close connectivity gaps.

Wholesale telecoms

If it’s fibre infrastructure you’re interested in, AfricaCom 2018 will facilitate discussions around how to engage stakeholders to create win-win solutions; use existing metro infrastructure to reach new customers and overcome interconnectivity challenges across borders.

AfricaCom 2018 will also provide visitors with insights on how to access the satellite market, along with debates focusing on how high-throughput satellites will change the wholesale market and answer the question, is satellite data the answer to staying ahead?

Open access is a disruptor and one that will ultimately lead to better business and value for end-users. Listen to top-notch speakers discuss what compulsory open access networks need to succeed, as well as how 5G will impact open access strategies across Africa

Disruptive factors have forced dramatic changes in the data centre (DC) market. At AfricaCom, learn how to navigate the need for consumer proximity when location costs are high, how regulatory frameworks can balance protection concerns with storage imperatives, whether capacity outweighs convenience and how cloud services will impact the DC market in Africa.

Developing wholesale services to increase revenues is another hot topic. Speakers will also discuss how market strength can be leveraged to expand across the wholesale value chain; creating new revenue streams through B2B offerings.

At AfricaCom, there will also be an opportunity to learn how MVNOs present a win-win opportunity, what the network requirements are to become an international MVNO, and the importance of investing in operating system separation.

Powering Telecoms – on the Connectivity Stage

The consolidation of the African towerco market is a key topic at AfricaCom 2018. Learn how they are leveraging economies of scale to strengthen current market presence and which African markets present the best case for towerco expansion.

Also up for discussion is how to construct and manage infrastructure efficiently. Subjects include keeping pace with operator network upgrades; partnerships with OEMs to reduce time and cost; ethics of location: navigating community environmental concerns and maximising investment through a proactive maintenance culture.

Other tower operation related themes will focus on how to adopt flexible approaches to meet QoS demands in high density areas; overcoming the power challenge to drive digital inclusion; and identifying additional revenue streams.

AfricaCom 2018 will bring together 14 000 attendees, 450 speakers and 400 exhibitors showcasing technologies and solutions covering everything from 5G, AI, IoT, Fintech, Blockchain and beyond, with a host of new content and exciting developments.

To register for your free visitor ticket, purchase a delegate pass or find out more about AfricaCom 2018 visit tmt.knect365.com/africacom

Media accreditation is now open and media are invited to apply to cover the event and also to participate in the first AfricaCom Tech Media Roundtable. Early registration will also guarantee advanced show information as well as a tour of the exhibition floor and a host of other benefits.

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