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5 Must Attend Blockchain Events in Hong Kong

Catching the big fish in a pool of thousands of fishes may seem like a gruelling task and such is the case with blockchain events and conferences. Finding the right events to attend and creating value out of the time and money invested is important for both startups and investors.

Here’s a list of 5 must attend events taking place in Hong Kong that would experience a gathering of some of the most influential industry leaders, pioneers, and entrepreneurs.


  • BlockChain Summit  (Feb 28, 2019)


The event is one of the leading blockchain events in Hong Kong and Asia for fintech. Over 200 industry leaders, tech innovators and business decision makers attended the summit. Topics covered at the one-day conference included the challenges and opportunities of the disruptive technology and its impact on sectors such as finance, retail, supply chain, insurance, and telecom. Several case studies were presented over roundtables and panel discussions.


  • TOKEN2049 (March 13, 2019)


Focusing on the token economy, the event held at Hong Kong was aimed at discussing global developments of tokens as the new asset class. Token2049 organizes the digital asset event taking a unique perspective on the token industry and its opportunities.

The flagship event of Asia Crypto Week, brought more than 2,000 entrepreneurs, developers, investors, industry enthusiasts and global media on board.


  • Finwise Summit (May 28, 2019)


The event for the future of financial technology invites investment companies, fintech enterprises, and  the industry pioneers from the emerging ABCDI technology industries (Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain Technology, Cloud Computing, Big Data, and Internet of Things). The event aims to promote collaborations and a healthy development of the fintech sector, inspiring companies to grow even during the bearish period.


  • UCIM Pitcher Perfect (June 21, 2019)


Pitcher Perfect Hong Kong offers a platform to network with more than 30 of the most progressive leaders from industries such as fintech, gaming, travel and tourism, insurance, real estate, agritech, healthcare, IT, media and entertainment, and more.

The vision is to cater to the investment needs of nascent projects through a set-up where they can meet highly influential and established industry leaders gathered from

across the globe. Previously, UCIM had successfully organized Pitcher Perfect Singapore in February 2019 and Pitcher Perfect Berlin in April 2019.


  • Finovate Asia (October 2019)


Finovate Asia organizes fintech events across Asia displaying a cutting-edge technology for the banking and finance sector. The event holds a series of product demos and key insights from global thought-leaders. In 2018, the Finovate Asia event focused on banking and the API ecosystem, digital transformation, payments and lending, artificial intelligence and blockchain, customer experience, and more. In 2018 it was held as part of the Hong Kong Fintech Week.

The rapidly evolving fintech sector and the development of the blockchain technology necessitates a deep involvement of professionals from each industry to keep up with the latest trends. One can not only leverage networking opportunities at such events and conferences but can also gain invaluable knowledge, strategic partnerships and deep insights about the potential of disruptive technologies.

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