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Wednesday, March 22, 2023
City Week 2023

328. The F’in Debate – Live from Money20/20 Europe








How do you transform traditional banks to compete in the digital banking battlefield? Essentially, how do you win? DR Leda Glyptis is hosting this very special debate, live from Money20/20 Europe. The debate will be held between two teams, Brear’s Bears and Bates’ Bulldogs. The teams are made up of banking and fintech experts, including:

Team Brear’s Bears:

  • David Brear – CEO and Co-Founder 11:FS – Team Captain
  • Megan Caywood – Managing Director, Global Head of Digital Strateg at Barclays
  • Gabrielle Inzarillo – Director, FinTech, Plug and Play Tech Center
  • Edward Maslaveckas – Founder and CEO at Bud

Team Bates’ Bulldogs:

  • Jason Bates – Deputy CEO & Chief Product Officer 11:FS – Team Captain
  • Simon Vans Colina – Engineer at Monzo
  • Kristian Luoma – Head of OP Lab at OP Financial Group
  • Joris Hensen – Founder and Co-Lead of Deutsche Bank API Program, Deutsche Bank AG

Alright, here is the format of the debate: There will be four rounds, where the panel will be discussing the following: competition, tech, brand and culture. Each team will have one lead debater who will lead a 90-second pitch on that topic, after which point the floor is open for everyone to join in, and add their expertise or just generally smack talk the other side.

First up, we have David Brear and Jason Bates taking on the topic of “who are the biggest competitors to traditional banks?” David is on the side of tech giants, while Jason is arguing for the challenger banks! David argues that in a fight, he would always take the side of the players with the best talent, biggest customer numbers and the brands that people actually trust. Jason’s argument is that challenger banks can offer ten times better results for ten times lower cost, how could they not be the bigger threat?

Tune in for interesting insights, some heated debates and the coronation of the official winner of The F’in Debate 2019!
All this and so much more on today’s show.

DISCLAIMER: The debate was created and curated in partnership with Money20/20 for entertainment purposes only. The teams were allocated sides and the contestants did not get to choose which side to argue for, so what is said on the debate are only arguments and does not necessarily represent the contestants actual views. In other words, don’t quote them on what is said in today’s show.

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This week’s episode was produced by Laura Watkins and edited by Alex Woodhouse.





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