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Saturday, June 03, 2023

When Will Crypto Truly Break Into The Mainstream? – Bitstamp’s Shadman Salem Responds

In this Virtual Interview with Shadman Salem, FF News’ Douglas Mackenzie asks the question ‘How long until we reach critical mass with crypto knowledge and it actually just becomes accepted as Fiat currencies?’. Shadman, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Bitstamp gives us his insight into the current acceptance of cryptocurrency.

“It’s a tough one because there are so many ways to think about what that future model looks like. There’s potential for crypto to be institutionalized where we have CBDC’s which basically leverage the tech that crypto sits behind, but operates it slightly differently. Versus a different model where you might have existing decentralized currencies becoming legal tender in different jurisdictions.”

“We’ve seen both of those examples happening in the world today. So, we’re seeing Nigeria launch the eNaira and their having their residents use that CBDC as a primary form of currency. Then, we have El Salvador which allows people to transact with Bitcoin, which is decentralized.”

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