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Feedzai Webinar: How Complex Fraud Scams are Executed and How to Detect and Stop Them

Banks and consumers face a growing threat from con artists utilizing social media and age-old human weakness to extort money. The drivers behind today’s modern scams have been with us forever. Today, the difference is that scams can be executed using social media to access victims, and money can be stolen with a keystroke.

Learn how Cecilie Fjellhøy (featured in Netflix’s Tinder Swindler) became a victim of a classic romance scam executed with 21st-century technology. Then hear from Daniel Holmes, a fraud prevention expert from Feedzai, to understand how technology can detect a victim’s scam-driven banking behavior to alert a bank at the earliest stage of an attack.

From this webinar, you will learn

Methods scammers use to:
– Prey on victims
– Progress an attack
– Coerce money from a victim

Techniques banks can use to detect scams:
– Collect user interaction data from all channels
– Develop a deep understanding of behavioral patterns
– Alert on scam precursors to stop fraud early on



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