" class="no-js "lang="en-US"> Volante’s Rachel Hunt on How RTP is Helping to Enable Bill Paying Solutions
Thursday, May 23, 2024

Volante’s Rachel Hunt on How RTP is Helping to Enable Bill Paying Solutions

Rachel Hunt, VP of Strategy & Growth at Volante Technologies joins Ali Paterson for a discussion around real-time payments and their uses for applications such as bill-paying solutions.

“If we shift gears a little bit and think about Europe and request to pay and bill payments. Some of the use cases that we are talking about are that you can offer a better customer experience with something like a request to pay that could go through instantly, or I could go through ACH as well in the case of Europe. But can you offer a better customer experience to the end customer?”

“If you think about a big utility provider and you have your electricity bill your gas bill or your water bill that you probably don’t want to look at at the moment. But if you had the way of having your utility providers saying ‘I understand, it’s difficult times. Your bill is $100 but actually, we’re sending a request to pay $50, $70, $80 or whatever you can afford to pay.’ Then, from a customer perspective, you think ah, that’s really nice.”

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