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Fintech TV Fundraising Rap

The Fundraising Rap Up #16 June 2021

Ape Diagnosis aka our own artist Lewis is back! There were a tonne of funding announcements throughout June and we got them. Check out the summer beats and be sure to like and share!

FEATURED COMPANIES: 10x Future Technologies ($187m) Belvo ($43m) BitDAO ($230m) Bunq (€160m) Capchase ($125m) Circle ($440m) Clim8 (£2m) Cognigy ($44m) Divido ($30m) Hokodo ($12.5m) Klarna ($639m) LemonEdge ($2.5m) Mollie ($800m) Nubank ($500m) Scalable Capital ($180m) Smart Pension (£165m) Tesseract ($25m) TheLoops ($8.75m) TreasurySpring ($10m) Upflow ($15m) Wajve (€5m) Wayflyer ($76m) WorkerAppz ($1.5m)

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