" class="no-js "lang="en-US"> Ron Rock says Vegas brings out the Diva in him - Carpool Conversations at ITC Vegas
Saturday, November 26, 2022

Ron Rock says Vegas brings out the Diva in him – Carpool Conversations at ITC Vegas

Ron Rock is a self admitted diva. And who wouldn’t be as Senior Director of a company like JobsOhio, a unique private economic development corporation that acts as a catalyst for high-growth business investments and job creation. 

With Ohio state providing low business operating costs, no corporate tax and strong venture capital firms, it’s the perfect place for creating infrastructure across many sectors. Attending ITC to connect and hopefully garner some potential team ups, Ron calls himself a ‘tolerant’ visitor of Las Vegas – “My visit depends on how well the first day goes. If my money goes real quick then I’m ready to fly out the next day”. But The Golden Nugget aside, he really knows what it’s all about when it comes to Insurtech. 

Having seen the financial services industry change over the years – after starting with a background in insurance at Nationwide and working his way into the business sector – Ron has a clear vision of where things are heading in the world of data analytics, and where companies should be putting their priorities.  

‘It’s meeting the customer when and where they need to be met. It’s almost like the customer had to build their life around the insurance industry, whereas now the industry has to build their business around the customer’. 

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