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Monday, April 15, 2024

nCino’s Ben Ussher-Stanley on Retaining The Human Element in Digital Banking

Ben Ussher-Stanley, Manager of Business Development in EMEA for nCino, joins FF News for a discussion around digital banking and how financial institutions can retain a human element whilst providing digital services to customers.

“I look back in my career. When I first started, I used to work for Lloyds bank and I left retail banking around the time that we were starting to work out ‘What does the non-face-to-face customer experience look like?’ So, video calls and having one mortgage advisor look after 20 different branches. Well, either that mortgage advisor has to drive from Branch to Branch or they stay in one place and we have video conversing capability in a room. Now that was 10 years ago. We’re now in a world where people are very confident and very comfortable in having video conversations, so that’s one part.”

“I think that the other part to that is the technology capability. So, if I know I can do my banking on my phone. Well, then why can’t my banker come and see me? We’re a cloud-native platform, which means that the theory goes as long as I have an internet connection and I’ve got access to a web browser. I have a bank there, I can do things for you and I can talk to you about your facilities.”

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