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Thursday, September 28, 2023

Hamish Blythe, Trilo – Paris Fintech Forum Leaders Summit 2023

Hamish Blythe, CEO of Trilo, tells us all about their no hardware payment platform, built on Open Banking, allowing unlimited transactions with no transaction fees, while rewarding customers and merchants for their loyalty.

“Here in Paris the high street is diverse, but in the UK so much of it is copy / paste. For me, it’s about going to those high street businesses and giving them the tools that Starbucks and Tescos have to stand up and thrive.”

“Because we use Open Banking in the background for our payments, we’re able to make the onboarding experience really fast so they can get on and start using Trilo quickly, there’s no apps to install, no big long explanations of what to do, making it blazingly simple and fast”

“It’s all QR based, a merchant can go on to their phone, tap charge, QR code comes up to scan, no one need’s to download any apps… no hardware, no headaches”

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