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Friday, June 09, 2023
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Ganesh Iyer – IPC Systems – FIX EMEA Trading Conference 2023

At the FIX EMEA Trading Conference 2023, we caught up with Ganesh Iyer, Chief Marketing Officer at IPC Systems. IPC is a dedicated fintech company that aims to provide clients with connectivity, security and flexible solutions to help them reach financial markets around the world.

“We’re seeing a lot of interesting trends and challenges. There’s alot of volatility in the markets right now. The higher interest rate environment has led to several challenges in the traded capital markets. We’re also seeing market fragmentation and a proliferation of different trading protocols and different trading styles based on everything that we’re seeing.”

“Our customers and the overall markets, are looking to connect and communicate with each other in an efficient manner and one of the most important for efficient connectivity and communications, whether you’re communicating via voice or you’re trading electronically, is having access to a very diverse ecosystem of market participants. Not just the sell side, but also a diverse investment management community.”

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