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Thursday, May 30, 2024

Canvas Conversations with Theo Kumm at Banking Renaissance 2023

During the Banking Renaissance event in Amsterdam, FF News sat down for a chat with Theo Kumm, Director at Monocle Solutions, to look into what the company does.

Monocle Solutions is a software company that offers cutting-edge supply chain management solutions, empowering businesses to optimise operations, streamline processes, and achieve enhanced visibility throughout their supply chain networks.

“Banking is a core part of society. We think it’s a very noble and important cause in economics and, as a company, we help the health of the economy. We help work on the banks and make sure that they are meeting the changes through time. So the kind of thing that we work on is typically regulatory compliance, so there’s always this regulatory agenda, and somebody needs to help the banks implement it. It’s one thing reading the regulations and understanding what it says, but another thing is making it real, day-to-day, operationalising it, systemising it, industrialising it in terms of your processes, and that’s what our consultants do.”

“We often believe our clients know exactly where their pain points are. The problem is executing it practically. That’s why we call ourselves execution partners as a company, so that is what we focus on. It’s about seeing the final results, we like to stay in the project. Over the years, many of our clients we’ve had for the entire duration of Monocle for the last 20 years. We’ve been at specific clients, always in different projects. So you have this inherent interest, they need to succeed because with them, we succeed as well.”

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