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Sunday, February 25, 2024

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Exclusive: 5 principles of creative disruption, ActiveQuote, in The Insurtech Magazine

As the pandemic forces insurers to reassess processes and  technology, we ask insurtech pioneer Dr […]

Exclusive: When the wave is high... just ride it – Fintech Global in The Insurtech Magazine

Insurers need to innovate their way out of this crisis, writes Fintech Global, and startups […]

Exclusive: A catalyst for change – Brian Heale, Aptitude Software and Eduardo D’Alma, Q_PERIOR in The Insurtech Magazine

Implemented correctly, the new IFRS accounting standard for reporting of insurance contracts could have a […]

Exclusive: IFRS 17: The super model, Hannah Duncan, in The Insurtech Magazine

Streamlined and powerful, the long-awaited International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) 17 will have a major […]

Exclusive: Learning from the super apps, Fred Pi, in The Insurtech Magazine

Fred Pi in Hong Kong on post-COVID lessons for insurers in the APAC region For […]

Exclusive: Diversifying now to insure tomorrow – Pascal Payot, Nucoro in The Insurtech Magazine

Swiss Risk & Care saw an opportunity to use wealthtech Nucoro to position the insurance […]

Exclusive: Quenching Demand – Tim Hardcastle, INSTANDA in The Insurtech Magazine

As a former CIO, Tim Hardcastle understands all the arguments as to why legacy systems […]

Exclusive: The good, the bad and the ugly – Andreas Burner, SmartStream in The Insurtech Magazine

SmartStream’s Chief Innovation Officer Andreas Burner oversees the company’s research into AI that can identify […]

Exclusive: Getting CX Purrfect - Charlotte Halkett, Bought By Many in The Insurtech Magazine

The biggest insurtech fundraise so far in the UK was secured by a pet insurer […]

Exclusive: RU there? - Brendan Moore, Zipwhip in The Insurtech Magazine

Texting has been around ever since we learned to use our ‘phone thumb’. Now  that […]

EXCLUSIVE: How to stay top dog in insurance - Mike Fulton, Nationwide in "The Insurtech Magazine"

Fortune 100 company Nationwide keeps its #1 position in the US pet insurance market through […]

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