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Monday, June 05, 2023

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Ondrej Valent - HID Global - TCF 2023

Over in Vienna for the Temenos Community Forum 2023, we stopped by for a conversation […]

MPE 2020: Lu Zurawski - ACI

At MPE 2020: we chat to Lu Zurawski of ACI Worldwide on cross border payments.

MPE 2020: Paul Rodgers - Vendorcom

At MPE 2020 we catch up with Paul Rodgers from Vendorcom, a multi-stakeholder membership organisation […]

MPE 2020: Carl Churchill - technologi

At MPE 2020 we chat to Carl Churchill who gives us an insight into technologi

MPE 2020: Ivan Glazachev - Yandex Money

At MPE 2020, we talk to Ivan Glazachev of Yandex Money about what makes the […]

MPE 2020: Ralf Gladis - Computop

At MPE 2020, we talk to Ralf Gladis who gives us an insight into Computop

MPE 2020: Arik Shtilman - Rapyd

At MPE 2020 we catch up with Arik Shtillman of Rapyd, a Fintech-as-a-Service platform

MPE 2020: Rory O'neill - Planet

At MPE 2020, we catch up with Rory O’neill from Planet on changes within the […]

MPE 2020: Kevin Gosschalk - Arkose Labs

At MPE 2020, we catch up with Kevin Gosschalk on how Arkose Labs helps to […]

MPE 2020: Edy Bruinooge - ibanXS

At MPE 2020, we interview Edy Bruinooge from ibanXS on changes within the payments landscape

MPE 2020: Daria Rippingale - Bankingblocks

At we catch up with Dara Rippingale about how Bankingblocks offers modular financial solutions for […]

MPE 2020: Ines Magne - HPS

At MPE 2020: we talk to Ines Magne about developments and updates with HPS

MPE 2020: Oscar Berglund - Trustly

At MPE 2020, we catch up with Oscar Berglund about Trustly which allows customers to […]

MPE 2020: Oscar Berglund - Trustly Talk

At MPE 2020, we listen to Trustly’s Oscar Bergland

MPE 2020: Neil Smith - Forter

At MPE 2020 we chat with Neil Smith of Forter, which offers fraud prevention and […]

Vidar Þorkelsson - Valitor

At MPE 2020, we talk to Vidar Þorkelsson about how new tech helps power Valitor

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