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Saturday, December 03, 2022

Fintech Finance Podcast: FF Salon with Leda Glyptis Full Audio

Change comes part and parcel with the fintech industry, once one brand new shiny thing hits its peak, another one comes rushing past it. Such is the chatter being had at this hairdresser’s, with special guest Leda Glyptis, fintech trailblazer and CCO of 10x Banking.

“It’s a new set of players, a new set of ideas, and it’s changing a lot.”

Leda Glyptis, CCO, 10x Banking

In this segment, we discuss the fast pace of fintech and technology adoption and how they affect all players in the payments space, from the big city bankers to the underserved end users. Between hair curls and water spritzes, we understood that real innovation and success come to those who want to change things, and are not intimidated by the constant flux.

“We are in a time and place where so much change is happening, and you get to be a part of it if you turn up and commit to the work that it involves. It’s a new set of players, a new set of ideas, and it’s changing a lot. It’s frustrating and as hell as you know,” said Glyptis.

The customer is always the key beneficiary of new technology, hence why more and more fintechs are developing their offerings and digital capabilities to better meet their needs. Hence, if financial services providers are not doing enough to facilitate movements like financial mobility, they might as well be doing nothing at all.

“I’ve been working with a client now, it’s not public but I’ve been dying to announce it, but they’re using that lower ‘cost to serve’ to lower the cost of lending, giving people who don’t have access to money, access to money. What that can do for social mobility, for health, for quality of life…”

Bankers and financial institutions need to look at the technology and products neobanks and startups are bringing to the table and not only follow in their adoption but include themselves in the process of that innovation.

“We are raising the bar of what a consumer can expect from banks,” Glyptis adds. Despite the pace of change, we do not have all the time in the world. The real change needs to come from the top.

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