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Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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Ron Delnevo


About Ron Delnevo

I continue to Chair Cash and Card World and Cash and Card Consultants, providing consultancy services across a number of business sectors.
I am currently engaged in a number of major projects, with a focus on innovation in financial services. My main focus in H1 2021 is on Sonect, a Swiss FinTec where I have the role of UK Director. I have led the launch of Sonect’s cash-access App in the UK in Q2 2021.
In September 2020, I was proud to be a founding member of the Steering Group of the newly-creates Cash Supply Alliance. The team on the Steering Group is truly excellent. Together, our work will ensure cash finally has a unified and strong voice in the UK.
In 2018, I was pleased to be invited to join the Board of CaLP, the Cash Learning Partnership. Having worked on the Board for 12 months, I was delighted to be be elected to the position of Chair of the Board in November 2019.
In this new role, I am involved in implementing the new network convening strategy, strengthening the Board of Directors, and making a positive contribution towards ensuring aid recipients receive the quality of cash-based support they deserve, in a manner that best fits their personal needs.
Advocacy remains high on my agenda in 2021 and beyond.
My personal advocacy engagement will include:
* promoting my Charter for Payment Choice;
* ensuring access to and acceptance of cash is maintained and improved;
* supporting a sustainable long-term future for LINK, the UK ATM Network and other networks around Europe.
* engaging with the European Commission on issues impacting interchange and other issues.
As always, my engagement will target having a positive impact on cash use and all cash distribution channels.
Cash, apart from being a method of payment, a means of exchange and a store of value, has a crucial role to play in maintaining fragile Democracies ( that’s all of them!) and the safeguarding of Financial Inclusion, Personal Freedom, Independence, Privacy and Choice.
The small things that make life worth living.

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