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Richard Forrest

Richard Forrest
Chairman of the Board
EV8 Technologies

Richard Forrest

I am the lead partner for Kearney’s Global Energy and Process Industry practice, covering Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Utilities, Mining & Metals and other process industries. With more than 20 years of international experience across the energy and chemical sectors, I successfully lead high-profile initiatives for leading oil and gas and chemical companies. I am particularly well known for delivering high-impact global transformations which address cost optimization, growth, R&D effectiveness, complexity optimization, and challenging merger integrations.

I am passionate about how emerging industry challenges and opportunities impact the global competitive landscape and our clients. Recently, I led an Oil & Gas Capex initiative with the World Economic Forum to define priority improvement options for the industry. I have also authored numerous forward-looking thought leadership pieces and reports on chemicals and oil and gas.

I was elected to serve as a global board member at Kearney in 2012 and have served on all committees (Finance & Audit, Partner Development, and Strategy & Portfolio). I have had many other leadership roles focused on driving the firm forward, enhancing my ability to best serve clients.

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