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Piero Coen

Piero Coen

Piero Coen

I strongly believe in bringing my region of Central America to the global playing field, and that providing financial inclusivity through the use of technology is an equitable step in the right direction.
I believe it is my duty, along with my millennial counterparts, to find inventive solutions to the problems Earth and its inhabitants currently face.

As a result, ‘Osmo’ was born – a financial technology company focused on payment solutions and financial inclusion, using blockchain and crypto technology, of which I am the CEO.

I have 7 years of experience in the hospi-tech space, having started three companies that leveraged the use of tech in novel ways within antiquated industries. Most recently, I served as the Founder and COO for ‘Encaja’, Guatemala’s first online grocery store of its kind. Prior to launching Encaja, I was the Founder and CEO of ‘CA Express’, which traded in Nicaragua and Guatemala, providing unique transportation experiences.

‘Osmo’, which will go to market in Q1 2022, is headquartered in Guatemala, and will provide services throughout LATAM.

Our point of difference with ‘Osmo’ is our focus on the experiential and human side of the financial revolution. We noticed that the industry is lagging in providing a clear and easy platform for Central Americans to buy, sell, and use crypto currencies. So, we set out to solve this problem and create a frictionless and innovative retail platform to help change path reliance and reduce some of the institutionalized disadvantages associated with living in LATAM.

A little bit about me:

I believe success is being a better version of you day after day. Small, incremental improvements go a long way. Some call me crazy, others an early adopter, but truth is I am usually the first to take the plunge and journey off the beaten path.

I dream of a better world; a cleaner world, a peaceful world; one based on cooperation rather than competition. I am a firm believer in education and the power it has to shape future generations and intend on working towards shaping a better educational system in my region.

I proudly hold a bachelor‘s degree in Entrepreneurship from Babson College.