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Paul Doran

Paul Doran
Founder, Mentor and Chief Customer/Marketing Officer
Nuon AI

Paul Doran

I love building brands and growing businesses; the more complex the product challenge, the more confused the story, the least engaged the customer the better.

Having built several companies and advised and mentored many more. I’ve made enough mistakes, gained some useful knowledge and experience to pass on.

I’m passionate about integrity and transparency in workplace culture. I’m a curious human who is here to help people.

Beyond growing tech businesses, I mentor and coach individuals and leadership teams. The aim is to help build human resilience and sustainable fulfilment at work as their own businesses grow.

I’m currently learning/studying:

⚡️ Positive culture in the workplace
🧠 Metacognition, neuroscience & performance
🎢 Professional Coaching (Birbeck University)
<> Design thinking (INSEAD)
🎹 How to play the piano