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Elisabeth (Lissa) Andrews

Elisabeth (Lissa) Andrews
Vice President Global Marketing

Elisabeth (Lissa) Andrews


Twenty plus years of B2B marketing experience across all channels, modernizing marketing operations and galvanizing marketing teams to grow brand awareness and conversion of leads to business value.


Marketing has always been my passion and developing relationships across geographies and divisions a priority. My focus on connecting with people and sharing resources and ideas among global teams has served me well to drive adoption and implementation of marketing best practices, realize positive marketing ROI, and improve customer retention.

I am known to be a leader who sets high standards, continually challenges team members to stretch their abilities, and holds them accountable for delivering on expectations. I am also a supportive leader who cares, listens to team members, and coaches them to overcome obstacles.

To inspire and align my team on corporate priorities during meetings, I discuss specific projects, successes, and issues and tie them back to the overall company strategy and the impact to our customers and the business. When a shift in the overall strategy happens, I stay positive and foster excitement by communicating about how we can all work together to adapt, contribute, and trive.


✓ Spearheaded WEX’s corporate payments division’s rebranding efforts in collaboration with external B2B marketing agency and coordinated 3 global customer events per year.

✓ Modernized marketing operations by implementing prospect database and marketing automation to track and score leads for pre-sales qualification. Built online dashboard and established KPIs to track marketing team’s contribution to revenue.

✓ Led global implementation of multi-vertical and multi-channel marketing strategies that grew organic followers on social media for WEX travel and corporate-payments channels.

✓ Instituted a new VOC survey that integrated NPS and other customer experience measures, increasing customer response rate from 83% to 100% from 2019 to 2020.

✓ Led the implementation of the first VOC survey and customer summit at GE Capital and launched a merchant cross-sell channel at American Express.

✓ Completed a master of business administration degree with a concentration in marketing and management, and a bachelor of arts degree in international business with a minor in French.


I invite you to network with me here or email me at: [email protected]

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