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Zwipe launches innovative enrolment solutions and creates breakthrough for Issuers

Zwipe launches innovative enrolment solutions and creates breakthrough for Issuers | Fintech Finance

Zwipe launches a range of enrolment solutions to complement their next-generation biometric payment card platform, Zwipe Pay ONE. Seamless customer onboarding remains one of the most important components in enabling the transition to the safer and more secure payment experience provided by biometric payment cards.

The Zwipe R&D team has created some exclusive inventions to overcome several challenges that many in the industry had considered insurmountable. For the first time, it is now a realistic proposition to have consumers enroll their card at home using just a mobile phone and a set of simple instructions.

Zwipe has created a range of innovative enrolment solutions that meet the evolving demands of the financial services industry and consumers. With a focus on providing simple to use, cost-effective and low environmental impact products, Zwipe will deliver multiple different types of solutions that include not only passive and customizable enrolment devices, such as sleeves, highly integrated card fulfilment packaging, and branch-based enrolment solutions, but also self-service mobile phone APIs that can easily be integrated into issuer apps. Issuers can choose the solutions that best suit their needs and use cases of their products and cardholder segments. For example, while mobile app-based enrolment would be attractive for the majority of consumers, in-branch supervised enrolment may better suit financial inclusion programs.

All these solutions will be made available to Zwipe Pay ONE customers in 2022.

“Zwipe has undertaken extensive research on enrolment, and after very clear customer feedback and interest, we decided to invest heavily in this area. Issuers repeatedly told us that enrolment is one of the most important parts of the user experience for biometric payment cards and we are delighted to have made several breakthroughs that we believe will transform the way in which consumers enrol their cards whilst even further strengthening the value proposition for issuers. These developments underscore Zwipe’s ambition to be a leading innovator in the industry, putting user experience in front”, commented André Løvestam, CEO of Zwipe.

The enrolment solutions will be demonstrated at TRUSTECH in Paris, on Zwipe’s booth, from 30 November 2021.


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