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Saturday, November 26, 2022

Women in Fintech Speaker Index “The Heard” launches today

Today, Women in Fintech Speaker Index “The Heard” launches in the UK.

The Heard brings together women and non-binary people in fintech who are open to public speaking and wider media opportunities. Speakers include founders and CEOs, as well as experts in employer brand, diversity equity and inclusion, product specialists, crypto, DeFi, web3 leads, marketers and much more.

The mission is to help event organisers, producers and journalists source more diverse voices in their panels, podcasts, and articles; and ultimately, to bring more women in fintech into the spotlight.

As of today, organisers can use the site to research top spokespeople, with their areas of expertise and availability included on each speaker’s profile. They can then get in touch with speakers via the site, or are welcome to approach speakers directly depending on their availability notes.

In addition, those who want to be listed as speakers, and increase their opportunities for public speaking, can also apply to join the index, which is designed to grow and expand to include more people in the future.

Chantal Swainston, Founder of The Heard: “I’ve had the good fortune to work with some phenomenal women in fintech during my career, yet many of them still remain people you haven’t heard of. The Heard is just one way we can help to change that, by bringing together the best in the industry who we should all be hearing more from. The calibre of women who have already joined shows just how many fantastic voices there are, who actively want to be part of the fintech conversation. I can’t wait to grow the community, and hear more from them all in the future.”

Olivia Minnock, Managing Editor at Fintech Alliance: “The Heard addresses clear problems on two sides of the coin. As a woman in the fintech industry, I understand how important it is to find the right platforms and be encouraged to share our views. Done right, this can be hugely beneficial in gaining confidence and experience, hearing new ideas, and building connections.”

“As an editor and moderator, I’ve experienced firsthand the scramble to find speakers, in particular women, who aren’t the handful that are usually called on, and can offer something new. Having a platform focused on the speaker’s skills and insights is a much needed resource and I can see it adding depth to discussions across the sector.”

“It’s important we continue to highlight those who haven’t historically been platformed in the worlds of financial services and technology.”

For those who want to be listed as a potential speaker, you can read more about applying on the site. ‘The Heard’ is especially interested in hearing from those who come from historically underrepresented backgrounds.

Current listed speakers include

  • Nina Mohanty, Co-Founder and CEO of Bloom
  • Margot + Alexia De Broglie, CEOs and Founders of investment app YourJuno
  • Gwera Kiwana, Principal at Thrive Africa Community
  • Ruby Hinchliffe, Senior Reporter at FTAdviser
  • Jihan Ahmed, Employer Brand and DEI Consultant
  • Tess Byrant, Head of Brand and Comms at Lightyear
  • Flora Somogyi, Head of UX Research at Lightyear
  • Roisin Levine, Head of UK and European Partnerships at Wise Platform
  • Nadia Costanzo, Head of Banking and Expansion – MEA & LatAm at Wise
  • Olivia Minnock, Editor of Fintech Alliance
  • Mary Agbesanwa, Fintech Growth Lead at Seccl
  • Prasangi Unantenne, Global Implementation Lead at Wise
  • Harriet Allner, Associate Director at Common Industry
  • Madhvi Mavadiya, Head of Content at Finextra

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