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Wefox Reaches Two Million Customers

Wefox Reaches Two Million Customers | Fintech Finance

wefox, the Berlin-based digital insurance company, now serves two million customers making it one of the first insurtechs to reach the milestone.

Julian Teicke, CEO and founder of wefox, said: “We’ve always been very clear about why wefox exists. We want to help people prevent risk and stay safe. We set out to disrupt an ancient industry and reinvent it using technology.”

“As a result, our insurance is simple and fit for purpose for the way we live today. Our customers enjoy new standards of insurance and service. And if the worst happens, we pay claims fast.”

“Reaching two million customers is proof that wefox is trusted. It demonstrates that our unique business model works and its testament to our focus on making insurance 10 times better through technology that keeps people safe,” added Mr Teicke.

wefox continues to double its revenues every year on track reaching $350m in revenues in 2021. The company already generated more than $200m in the first four months of business this year and is on track to reach its target for 2022.

wefox has grown the business from 550 people in 2021 to more than 1300 today and aims to continue hiring. Earlier this month, wefox announced the appointment of Prince Maximilian von und zu Liechtenstein and former Klarna executive, Hanna Jacobsson, to its board.


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