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Monday, March 04, 2024

Volante Technologies Launches The Volante Experience™, Rapid Onboarding for Cloud Payments as a Service

Volante Technologies, the global leader in cloud payments and financial messaging, announced today the launch of The Volante Experience™, its latest Payments as a Service (PaaS) customer experience offering. Volante Experience will bring the speed, lower cost and simplicity of the modern SaaS customer onboarding experience to banks and financial institutions adopting Volante’s cloud-native payments solutions.

“Financial institutions are eager to provide their customers with market-leading payments services,” said Erika Baumann, Research Director, Aite Novarica. “Payments as a Service in the cloud can be an ideal pathway to success, giving them a way to evolve past legacy limitations.”

“However,” continued, Baumann, “the traditional onboarding and operational experience for banks can be costly, slow, and lacking transparency. This can deter some institutions from adopting Payments as a Service. The landscape is ripe for disruption by providers that can bring consumer-grade customer experience to the world of bank payments processing.”

The Volante Experience™ onboarding packages are tiered in a manner similar to CRM or ERP SaaS platforms. Banks can select the tier that best suits their needs. The focus is on simplified onboarding and training rather than complex implementation and customization. Pricing is clearly presented and publicly available on Volante’s website, allowing customers to easily calculate the TCO and ROI of payments modernization and compare outcomes.

All packages provide the industry’s fastest onboarding experience, with customers able to start processing payments from as little as $40,000 in just 60 days – in deep contrast to existing industry paradigms that are ruled by often year-long implementation cycles and opaque pricing models.

Volante’s new, transparent approach breaks with the legacy way of doing business and represents an important step in the democratization of payments processing. For the first time, banks of all sizes can be onboarded to proven payments services already enjoyed by larger institutions, at a fraction of the cost and with unprecedented time-to-value.

Deepak Gupta, Global Head of Payments as a Service, Volante Technologies, said, “In many areas of financial services, cloud and SaaS are the norm. This is not yet the case in payments, but we are seeing significant uptake of our Payments as a Service solutions. The Volante Experience™ will now allow banks to enjoy the productivity, cost, and time-to-value benefits of PaaS faster than ever. This is just the start: over time, The Volante Experience™ will radically simplify every aspect of the customer journey, from onboarding to service operation and support.”

“As a long-time customer and now investor in Volante, we have seen first-hand how Volante’s payments modernization solutions can help financial institutions rapidly evolve,” said Nick Nadgauda, Global Head of Technology, Citi Treasury and Trade Solutions. “The move to cloud and the evolution of Payments as a Service represent the future of the business, and Volante is a key piece in making this happen.”

For more on The Volante Experience™ and how you can get onboarded in 60 days or less, get started here.

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