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Monday, February 26, 2024

Tellimer launches Scriber – a financial insights and research platform for the independent investment community

Tellimer, the global technology, information and data provider, announces the launch of Scriber, a financial research and insights platform created for independent analysts, traders, investors, subject matter experts and financial commentators, to provide research, insight, and business commentary to the growing investment and trading community.

Scriber will address the estimated 300 million individual investors globally who trade and invest in a wide range of assets through new real-time trading platforms. These investors are typically highly networked across digital and social channels and are under-served by traditional data and information structures. In addition to improving access for individual investors to investment information, Scriber will also make it easier for market professionals to access a broader range of analysis that is otherwise invisible to them.

The Scriber platform will offer an opportunity for experts to provide analysis of niche areas of financial investment, which are not covered by mainstream sell-side analysts, to monetise their knowledge. Content creators will be able to distribute newsletters direct to paying subscribers and ensure their insights are discoverable on the web and distributed through via social and professional research networks.

The Scriber proposition builds on Tellimer’s experience in operating its Insights platform, an investment data and research platform focused on emerging markets and used by some of the world’s largest institutions and governments.

Scriber has been in open beta-testing since April, during which time the platform has already attracted nearly 500 individual and company creators who are delivering their unique content to some 150,000 of their own subscribers. Today marks the first day that content creators can access the full suite of subscription-management and paywall services to start to build their own subscription businesses.

Commenting on the launch of Scriber, Tellimer CEO Duncan Wales, said:

“From ESG to crypto and Gamestop, the shape of the global investment market is changing rapidly. Both retail and market professional investors are badly under-served by established financial information structures.

“We set up Scriber to build the future infrastructure for the market in financial information and investment insights. One where both professional and semi-professional investors and participants can access the sharpest independent financial expertise, easily.

“It is a powerful tool that combines the functionality of a professional research creation platform with the superior SEO and capital markets expertise that Tellimer is known for.”

The semi-professional investment community has expanded rapidly. Retail investor platforms have grown exponentially in recent years, and the independent research market has grown by 125% since 2015 to reach $900 million in 2020.

Smartphone technology has put the ability to trade a range of assets, from shares to crypto currencies, into every consumer’s pocket, making the investing world accessible to hundreds of millions of people. The crypto investing platform Coinbase has 98 million certified users, up from circa 20 million in 2018, and share-dealing apps Robinhood and eToro have nearly 45 million registered users between them.

By contrast, access to a large portion of professional-grade investment analysis and information remains highly inaccessible. Likewise, investment professionals now have access to less research than previously, at the same time the universe of potential investments is expanding. Bloomberg, the leading provider of financial information to the professional user community with a 33% market share1, has only 325,000 terminals globally.

Similarly, Refinitiv which has 19.4%2 market share has only 190,000 terminals. Scriber will create a controlled means of creating transparency for professional and semi-professional investors alike by distributing analysis from Scriber writers with professional readership demand direct to those professional platforms. New participants, including smaller professional organisations often can’t afford or do not need a Bloomberg or Refinitiv terminal, and even large institutions can be cut off from information and expertise they should be able to access because it is unavailable or hard to find, scattered on social media or in unstructured and undiscoverable forms on the web.

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