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Thursday, September 21, 2023

Streak Enters U.S. Market, Revolutionizing Retail Investing with Code-Free Algorithmic Trading

Streak, the strategy development and algorithmic trading provider for retail investors, today announced the availability of its Streak application in the United States. The company, which already counts 300,000 retail investors as clients and has handled over half a billion dollars in trading turnover, will now provide American users unmatched access to a wide range of advanced trading capabilities for multiple asset classes, allowing them to find new trading inspiration, build strategies, and rapidly capture new opportunities as they arise.
Streak is breaking the barriers for algo trading, which normally require traders and investors to learn code or pay for expensive, slow and clunky legacy software. With Streak’s simple and beautifully-designed platform, users now have the ability to take their trading ideas and strategies and convert them into algorithms without having to write a single line of code. Within an intuitive interface, users can not only back test these algorithms to check their viability but also deploy them to perform paper trades or fully automated algo trades.

Most traders trade with gut feeling, based on tips, as they are limited by current platforms and are often blind-sided by market moves against them that create unanticipated losses. On Streak, users can now quickly check the historical performance of their ideas and trades by running easy and super-fast backtests – a key functionality missing in almost all trading platforms and solutions. With algo creation, backtesting and live algo trading, Streak is a complete well-rounded platform for new generation traders on the go.

Using pre-published algorithms, the application enables novice traders to get started by exploring good ideas and algos but also to deploy more sophisticated trading techniques like mean reversion, momentum indicators, volume weighted average price (VWAP), and price action, among others, in seconds. The platform’s strategy engine refreshes and customizes trade ideas and opportunities on a daily basis, according to a user’s individual trading preferences and time horizon. And the system operates automatically, allowing users to go about their daily business rather than being stuck in front of their computer for the entire trading day.

As part of constructing strategies, investors can identify trends in market data across traditional asset classes (e.g. equities, futures and commodities) as well as cryptocurrencies. And its “paper trade” mode allows risk-free validation of trade ideas and strategies, before taking them live to market.

With these offerings, Streak is seeing an increase in the rate of active engagement of novices and millennials in the markets, who are now able to trade actively and effectively without constantly watching the market. “Many active traders currently rely on cumbersome software applications with a limited set of features,” said Vipul Divyanshu, co-founder of Streak. “Streak offers elegance in user experience and technological innovation that is unparalleled in this growing retail segment. We are democratizing advanced technology and greatly improving the trading experience with our novel simplified interface.”

As part of the launch, Streak has currently added support for multiple US brokers for US equity trade execution, and also supports crypto-trading across ten different venues including Coinbase, Kraken and partnered exchanges like Deribit and Binance. The company is also releasing its global mobile application next quarter along with support for more brokers and markets.

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