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Simplify First Notice of Loss with Zelros’ New Guidewire Marketplace App

Simplify First Notice of Loss with Zelros’ New Guidewire Marketplace App | Fintech Finance

Guidewire and Zelros, an InsurTech offering a platform for personalized recommendations, announced that Zelros’ new Ready for Guidewire validated accelerator for ClaimCenter is now available to users in the Guidewire Marketplace.

Insurance customers crave a fast, easy claims experience. According to J.D. Power’s 2021 Auto Claims Satisfaction Study, the highest levels of satisfaction were the result of “claims that can be processed via a low-touch experience” for the entire claims process. Documents API, created by Zelros and powered by artificial intelligence, delivers a low-touch First Notice of Loss (FNOL) experience for claimants and claims handlers alike. Zelros leverages unstructured data, through its Documents API, to provide recommendations that automate the FNOL process. It analyzes claims documents, and automatically creates claims based on the extracted data to save time and increase productivity for agents/advisors.

Zelros’ accelerator enables claims handlers to:

  • Upload documents and receive the resulting data and an estimation of data accuracy without leaving ClaimCenter;
  • Save time and manual labor through automatically generated claims or claim drafts; and
  • Easily check the status of a report and receive notification when information is missing.

Documents API can extract data from a variety of documents, including smartphone pictures with poor exposure/angles and handwritten documents, allowing use of any kind of document claimants provide.

“FNOL is an essential customer touch point during the claims process,” said Paul-Henri Chabrol, Chief Product Officer, Zelros. “Zelros helps improve the customer experience by transforming documents into actionable insurance recommendations. With this technology now integrated with Guidewire, claims handlers can further boost their productivity and focus more on complex claim management, leading to reduced cycle time and happier customers.”

“We congratulate Zelros on the release of its ClaimCenter app,” said Becky Mattick, Vice President, Global Solution Alliances, Guidewire. “We know that the length and difficulty of a customer’s claims experience can heavily influence their satisfaction. Zelros’ technology helps to reduce claims cycle time and manual labor for claimants and adjusters alike, allowing both parties to benefit from a streamlined FNOL.”


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