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Sunday, February 05, 2023
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Sharps Pixley now Accepts Bitcoin as Payment for Gold

Sharps Pixley, London’s leading bullion broker, today announced that they are now officially accepting Bitcoin as a payment method for gold bullion and other precious metals via leading payment processor, BitPay.

As one of the most trusted providers of precious metal in the UK, Sharps Pixley now accept Bitcoin to provide greater choice to customers, both when making a purchase online or voice broking for larger transactions. Sharps Pixley’s online webshop integration allows customers to pay using any Bitcoin wallet and complete their order in seconds, without leaving the site.

Ross Norman, Sharps Pixley, CEO said: “it is our view that many investors in Bitcoin would like the option of holding intrinsic value in a traditional safe haven asset like gold ; and be able to switch across in a simple and cost effective way. That avenue is now open to them.”

We are happy to be working with the Sharps Pixley team to make bitcoin payments available to their global clients,” said BitPay CEO, Stephen Pair. “Time and time again we’ve seen how bitcoin can help precious metals leaders reduce costs, cut fraud risk, and attract new customers. Sharps Pixley is taking an important step for both their industry and for their customers.

Giles Maber, Business Development Director at Sharps Pixley said: “We are bridging the gap between the world’s oldest currency and its newest, offering new and existing customers the means to exchange and diversify digital currency for a real, tangible asset which they can store and trade at Sharps Pixley.

As full members of the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), Sharps Pixley offer investors an extensive choice of bullion bars and coins produced by world leading and LBMA accredited good delivery refineries. A full service “one-stop shop,” investors can buy, store and trade precious metals using Bitcoin.

The Sharps Pixley name dates back to 1778. The business is built on old fashioned trust and discretion ; however, by offering its customers the ability to pay with Bitcoin it provides a very modern perspective.

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