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Thursday, June 13, 2024

Saône Capital – Britain’s first trans-led impact capital firm launches with mission to invest in underrepresented founders

Britain and Canada’s first trans-led investment advisory firm – Saône Capital – has launched to assist underrepresented founders dedicated to fostering sustainable and social impact to achieve long-term growth. Despite the UK remaining a global leader in the impact investment sector with an estimated £58bn in AUM – representing up to 8% of the global total – proprietary research from Saône Capital highlights that over 1-in-10 (11%) UK founders are still denied investment based on their gender, race, or age.

Saône Capital was founded by Reece Tomlinson after over decade of experience in the financial industry, harnessing her extensive knowledge across corporate finance, M&A and investment banking. Recce has launched Saône Capital with a clear intention to create an equal platform that allows underrepresented founders and businesses with an authentic social impact, the opportunity to scale with zero boundaries. Extending the realm of solely diverse capital, Saône has a directed investment focus that primarily supports businesses who have a transformative impact on sustainability and social betterment.

Who Are Saône Capital?

Underpinned by four main pillars – investment, corporate finance, ESG and leadership advisory – Tomlinson notes her personal experience throughout her transition as one of the key motivations for establishing a purpose and impact-driven business that’s easing access to capital for minority founders. By integrating a leadership and ESG advisory arm into a traditional PE model, Tomlinson hopes to level the playing for founders seeking to attract growth capital, but have faced challenges in the acquisition stage. As 75% of LGBTQ+ founders admit they feel uncomfortable sharing their identity with others, according to Proud Ventures, Saône Capital aims to help startups – ranging from Seed to Series A – with essential growth capital, whilst providing counsel for those who feel disconnected from the homogenous demographics that dominate venture capital. Currently, 63% of the firm’s portfolio is made up of minority founders, while 45% of their team consists of women and half of their leadership group identify as LGBTQ+.

Saône Capital has directed objectives to reach $1bn in assets under management (AUM) by 2027 – with the founding team already having experience of scaling a collective deal flow of $4bn – expanding upon the portfolio managed by Saône which currently includes nine companies.

Why Launch Now?

The launch of Saône Capital comes amidst one of the most transformative periods for businesses since 2008. A retreat in funding and deal-making from recession-wary investors has outlined increasingly stringent measures for startup success, after VC investment into UK businesses fell by almost a third (30%) in 2022. High cash-burn business models are no longer a viable means of success, whilst profitability, a crackdown on ESG reporting and the need for a highly-functional and solid financial and operational model has become more attractive when it comes to raising capital.

One of their portfolio companies include Aeon Energy, the first net-positive renewable solution coming to market this year. Saône Capital advisors helps generate an effective financial model for the business, and by assisting them with investor meetings and the raise process, Aeon were able raise capital at a valuation 30% higher than the initial figure. Not only that, but Saône also saw their holdings increase by 160% in six months.

Reece Tomlinson, CEO and founder of Saône Capital, comments on the launch of the business: “Saône Capital was founded on the premise that capital can make impactful change and that entrepreneurs, from all walks of life, will be the catalyst to making this world better. We focus on impact knowing that impact, in today’s world, delivers above market returns and I bring to the table my background in corporate finance combined with the ability to walk the talk as an under represented founder myself. I am so excited for the impact we can and already are making!”

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