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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

ReceiptHero to roll out eco-friendly digital receipting solution using Payments Platform as a Service (PPaaS) from Ingenico

ReceiptHero today announces a major new partnership with Ingenico, a Worldline brand, allowing acquirers and other payment service providers to enable ReceiptHero’s digital receipt solution across their merchant networks using Ingenico’s new cloud-based solution, Payments Platform as a Service (PPaaS). PPaaS enables a ‘one-to-many’ integration of payment solutions for thousands of acquirers, helping ReceiptHero to scale its operations rapidly across Europe.

Digital receipts provide a wide range of proven benefits to merchants, acquirers and consumers. As well as delivering savings in time and costs, such as reducing the expense of printing and storing paper receipts, digital receipts simplify the organisation of administrative processes such as tax payments. They also serve as an effective marketing channel that merchants can use to increase the satisfaction and loyalty of their customers.

From an environmental perspective, the use of digital receipts reduces the consumption of carbon-heavy thermal paper when in-store payments are completed. A recent report confirmed that a single paper receipt generates 2.5g of carbon in its lifetime: that’s the equivalent of 400,000 cars on the road every year in the US according to Green America. By integrating ReceiptHero’s solution via PPaaS, acquirers and banks can differentiate their offerings and provide merchants with an eco-friendly, value-added service that meets the demands of today’s environmentally aware consumers.

By partnering with ReceiptHero, Ingenico will enable digital receipts for a wider market and make it easier for acquirers to offer the solution to their merchants, initially across Europe.

ReceiptHero will be among Ingenico’s first partners to be onboarded on PPaaS – a new cloud platform allowing acquirers to access an extensive catalogue of value-added services. Already announced partners include Alipay, PayPal and the Indian Fintech unicorn BharatPe. Acquirers will be able to activate ReceiptHero quickly as a value-added solution for their merchants, enabling digitization of the product receipt as well as the card terminal receipt.

“Digital receipts are a core part of the payment experience. With a partner like ReceiptHero joining the PPaaS ecosystem, we can help reduce the printing of paper receipts from our terminals and make it easy for our acquirers’ merchants to activate digital receipts for their customers in-store” says Giulio Montemagno, General Manager of PPaaS at Ingenico.

“Ingenico is a global leader in payments. Being part of their new payments platform allows us to access new markets and opportunities without the need to build multiple integrations directly with acquirers. This is another example of a payment partner strengthening the availability of an enhanced shopping experience for consumers, using digital receipts instead of outdated and unsustainable paper receipts, which have frankly outstayed their welcome,” says Joel Ojala, CEO ReceiptHero.

The newly formed partnership will bring new functionalities for consumers as they sign up in store on an Ingenico terminal. It will help extend the reach of digital receipts by offering alternative channels to receive the receipts such as email, SMS as well as card linked functionality via bank applications. ReceiptHero will go live on PPaaS later this year.

In parallel with its partnership with Ingenico, ReceiptHero will continue to work with other key partners such as Visa, Mastercard, and Worldline. By having access to a broad range of payment partners, ReceiptHero can provide a holistic digital receipt offering to merchants all across Europe.

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