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Saturday, November 26, 2022

Policygenius and CBIZ Announce Partnership to Expand Life Insurance Offerings

Policygenius and CBIZ announced today a partnership to bring Policygenius Pro, a term life fulfillment platform, to CBIZ’s extensive network of insurance professionals. Policygenius Pro is a turnkey partnerships platform that helps advisors accelerate and streamline life insurance sales. With this tool, advisors can refer their clients to Policygenius to take them through the process, from finalizing policy selection to placing coverage in-force.

This partnership enables CBIZ to expand its term life insurance offerings by giving their clients access to Policygenius’ wide variety of insurers and policy options, including accelerated underwriting offerings exclusively available on the Policygenius platform. CBIZ plans to harness Policygenius’ award-winning services for term life cases that are a great match for these services, enabling them to better focus on other goals. This ultimately provides clients with the best service possible, while also helping CBIZ save time and make their term life production more profitable.

“Policygenius Pro gives us a way to both expand and streamline our term life production,” Anne Long, RICP and President of Life Insurance Solutions at CBIZ, said. “We trust Policygenius Pro to provide top-tier service to our clients while also empowering our agents to have more thorough and holistic conversations about life insurance.”

The partnership is initially rolled out to CBIZ advisors who have each been equipped with unique landing pages and engagement tools to launch into life insurance conversations with their clients. They can take advantage of Policygenius’ expansive carrier shelf to provide clients with a breadth of coverage options and confidently discuss how these may fit in with their larger financial plans.

With Policygenius Pro, CBIZ agents and clients receive support from an expert staff of 200+ dedicated specialists for case management, underwriting, and product support. To date, the platform has helped partners cut placement times by half, on average, and reduced the average time an advisor spends on an application from 2.5 hours to about 15 minutes.

“Advisors often shy away from placing term life coverage for their clients because it can be so time- and cost-intensive. CBIZ is different. They’ve made it their mission to provide both robust and personalized financial guidance for their clients, including the right life insurance coverage,” Jennifer Fitzgerald, CEO and co-founder of Policygenius, said. “We’re thrilled to be able to partner with such a forward-thinking organization that values the customer experience and trusts us to be the life insurance fulfillment partner for their customers.”

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