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Monday, March 04, 2024

TOMRA Partners with Shift4 to Provide Digital ‘Tap-on-Card’ Money-Back Capabilities on Reverse Vending Machines for Reuse

Shift4 (NYSE: FOUR), a global leader in integrated payments and commerce technology, today announced its partnership with TOMRA, the world leader in waste collection and sorting. The partnership introduces a fully digital payment process for TOMRA’s reverse vending machines, which enables consumers to exchange reusable materials for a monetary reward, with Shift4 acting as the acquirer and Point-of-Sale (POS) gateway provider. This strategic alliance aims to redefine the reuse experience, offering unprecedented convenience and efficiency to consumers while advancing environmentally conscious practices and supporting the European Union’s Emissions Trading System (ETS) regulation in reducing CO2 emissions.

With around 55 billion takeaway packages annually in Europe, there is a pressing need to accelerate global reuse efforts and reduce waste through the circular economy. The current system in Europe requires multiple steps and employs paper coupons that must be redeemed for money at kiosks – a process that is both cumbersome and inconvenient for consumers, as well as conducive to paper waste. This partnership will help to reduce paper waste in all of Europe and transform the way consumers engage with reusable materials.

“Our collaboration with TOMRA highlights the power of innovation in reshaping traditional processes to drive sustainability and promote the circular economy,” said Ruben Frimand Nielsen, Vice President of Sales & Business Development for the Nordics at Shift4. “Consumers today expect flexible and convenient payment solutions, and this expectation doesn’t end with vending machines. By facilitating a seamless, secure, digital return payment experience, we are able to support TOMRA in its mission to reduce waste and promote responsible reuse and circular economy initiatives.”

Leveraging Shift4’s cutting-edge payments technology, TOMRA’s industry-leading reverse vending recycling machines will be equipped with a fully integrated “Tap-on-Card” payment solution to eliminate the use of paper coupons and optimize the reuse process for consumers. Once a consumer has returned their empty reusable container to one of TOMRA’s collection points, they will be able to simply tap their credit or debit card and instantly receive the money directly into their bank account. By introducing seamless digital payments into the reuse return system, TOMRA and Shift4 are making recycling more convenient, efficient, and rewarding, with the aim of raising collection rates and encouraging more consumers to return their reusable packaging.

“At TOMRA, we are passionate about enabling the circular economy and transforming how the world uses and reuses its resources to eliminate waste,” said Geir Saether, Senior Vice President, Circular Economy of TOMRA. “We are proud to align with Shift4 to integrate its fully paper-less payment solution into our reverse vending machines. By combining TOMRA’s recycling technology with Shift4’s expertise in payment processing, we are setting a new standard for convenience, efficiency, and sustainability, reinforcing our commitment to drive innovation in a circular economy.”

TOMRA and Shift4’s partnership represents a significant milestone in the evolution of recycling practices. With a focus on digital transformation, environmental responsibility, and customer-centricity, this collaboration showcases the potential of technology to bring about positive change through innovation.

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