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nexo standards helps TotalEnergies modernize its payment acceptance solutions

TotalEnergies has implemented nexo standards specifications in all new payment acceptance systems to harmonize its global payment infrastructure and benefit from cost and management efficiencies long-term. The initiative has significantly reduced time to market for TotalEnergies’ payments innovations, such as its new POI terminals, enabling the easy deployment of new payments technology into target markets.

nexo standards simplify payments acceptance solutions by creating a common, global language that standardizes the exchange of data between players within this ecosystem. This removes decades of regional industry fragmentation and simplifies solution interoperability, reducing complexity, costs and time to market when implementing and managing acceptance systems.

Working with leading payment solution providers Castles Technology and Aevi, TotalEnergies aligned its payment acceptance infrastructure to nexo standards across its entire international payments operation to consolidate and modernize how it accepts payments. This has streamlined all its payment acceptance processes into one, which offers a consistent approach that also meets the needs of each domestic market.

François Mezzina, Payments Specialist at TotalEnergies, comments: “We see clear advantages in using nexo standards for the deployment of new payment solutions, such as interoperability, cross-border payments, simplification of local certifications and acceleration of time-to-market. All of which will benefit customers and operators of the various networks of TotalEnergies.”

TotalEnergies has now rolled out approximately 7,000 nexo-compliant android devices across Europe.

“We are delighted to be part of this remarkable achievement and integration in our nexo-compliant android devices,” adds Jean-Philippe Niedergang, CCO & EMEA CEO at Castles Technology. “Our devices show appealing interface with nexo protocols and, as the market demand grows for multi-country and international acceptance solutions, we’re actively working to implement nexo specifications and protocols in all of our payment devices. We are happy to be part of the growing success of nexo standards.”

Mike Camerling, CEO at Aevi, concludes: “We are pleased to support TotalEnergies with our holistic payments system, utilizing nexo standards to provide the global multi-energy company with advanced capabilities and efficiencies in cross-border payments. Integrating nexo standards with Aevi’s cloud-based payment orchestration platform has enabled the development of an agnostic, multi-modal and omnichannel acceptance and services platform for a worldwide market.”

To find out more about TotalEnergies nexo implementation, read the case study.

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