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Thursday, May 30, 2024

Emerging Startups Are Set to Build and Scale With Chimoney for Startups

Chimoney, a Toronto-based leading payment infrastructure and API provider for global money movement, has announced the launch of a new program designed specifically for emerging startups. The Chimoney for Startups program provides startups with access to a range of benefits, including six months of ee-free access to Chimoney’s Payment and Payout API, access to the Chimoney Global Bulk Payout Platform, ChiPay, the ability to embed Unispend in their Startup’s Web or Mobile app.

“We understand the challenges that Startups face when it comes to building a reliable, secure, and cost-effective payment infrastructure,” said Uchi Uchibeke, founder and CEO of Chimoney. “That’s why we created the Chimoney for Startups program, to provide emerging startups with access to leading tried and tested Wallet and Accounting Infrastructure, global bulk Payouts, and opportunity for revenue-sharing.”

Chimoney for Startups is targeted at startups that have received less than $1,000,000 of external investment/funding or were founded within the last 3 years. The program offers startups the opportunity to focus on their core business by providing a tested Accounting and Wallet system and a Platform for paying out contractors, employees and Sales, UX research, and employee rewards.

With ChiPay, Chimoney’s bulk payout product, startups can send payments to multiple recipients anywhere in the world, quickly and securely, using just their email. This makes it easy for startups to pay contractors, and remote teams, reward their startup community, and run social media giveaways.

In addition to ChiPay, Chimoney for Startups offers startups the ability to embed Unispend in their Web or Mobile App. Unispend is an online marketplace with access to over 500 million+ Amazon and Shopify products, making it easy to offer customers a seamless shopping experience and a Spend feature within their apps. Startups can generate revenue from transaction fees by embedding Unispend in their app and increasing the stickiness of their app by enabling a Spend feature.

Chimoney for Startups also offers a dedicated Account Manager, partner perks, and discounts. Startups can join existing member Startups like Akranex, Scrim, Unispend, and Zeddpay in using Chimoney’s API and take advantage of this exciting opportunity.

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