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Wednesday, February 01, 2023
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Payments Processor, Yapstone, Launches Rebrand

Payment’s processor, Yapstone, unveils rebrand and redefined approach to localized payments ahead of global expansion.

Yapstone, a leading provider of payment solutions, announced today that it has undergone a major rebrand. Building on the company’s successful foundations, the rebrand signifies the beginning of a new chapter for Yapstone as the company continues to expand globally, offering local payment solutions for global businesses.

Founded in 2009 with the simple goal of converting bills commonly paid by paper check into online electronic payments, Yapstone’s latest rebrand takes this vision to the next level. With their local payment methods expertise and stackable, scalable payments platform, Yapstone’s redefined mission is to amplify global commerce in local markets, summarized by their new tagline ‘pay local, scale global’.

The heart of Yapstone’s rebranding strategy centers around a new website, logo, and brand identity. The new website design was inspired by the transformation happening across the payments landscape, with the new typeface and dynamic color palette better reflecting the company’s innovative approach to local payments.

Mike Orlando, Chief Operating Officer at Yapstone, explained more about the graphic design elements that showcase Yapstone’s new identity. He said: “The new logo was carefully designed to focus on clarity and legibility, with the small details in the ‘Y’ of Yapstone tailored to create a recognizable, memorable, and iconic design. Beyond the Yapstone logo, color is the most recognizable aspect of our new brand identity and creates a great energy across the new website. It’s an exciting milestone for the company and an opportunity to expand on our foundations and success that we’ve built over the years.”

Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, Yapstone also has offices in Ireland, with teams located in North, South, and Central America, Europe, India, South Africa, and Asia. The growing global footprint of the 23-year-old payments processor provides customers with the opportunities and capabilities of expanding into new regions, and at scale.

Yapstone’s CEO, Frank Mastrangelo, spoke about the reason behind the rebranding and its impact on customers. He said: “Enabling businesses to scale and reach more markets while giving consumers the financial control they deserve in this digital-focused world will forever be our primary objective at Yapstone. Now, we’re taking our payments platform to the next level and using our local payment method expertise to power payments across the globe. For our customers, this will mean we can connect them to hyperlocal payment methods in new regions and markets. This is the first step of the new, reimagined Yapstone, with plenty more exciting projects in the pipeline.”

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