Saturday, June 15, 2024

Open Banking Exchange (OBE) Launches in Chile

Open Banking Exchange (OBE) today announced the launch of Open Banking Exchange Chile. Following the successful launch of OBE into Colombia, Mexico, the Philippines, Southeast Asia and Ukraine in 2021, OBE is expanding its Latam operations into Chile. Key stakeholders of the open finance movement will come together at a Summit on 20 January 2022 to introduce the OBE programme.

Hosted by OBE, with the participation of the Regulatory Commission for the Financial Market, Betterfly, Transbank, Global66, and Floid, the Summit marks the beginning of an educational and advisory programme for Service Providers, Financial Institutions and Fintechs, enabling them to collaborate on the advancement of open finance by discussing challenges and opportunities at Member Forums and Working Groups.

OBE, established to leverage the past achievement and know-how of Open Banking Europe, has a proven track record of building collaborative environments and helps its members interpret regulation and implement open solutions via standards and tools. By working with regulators, self-regulated organisations (SROs), and national communities, OBE helps turn vision into operational reality.

Victor Rivera, SVP Open Banking Exchange stated: “We are working with the regulators and open finance communities in Colombia and Mexico to help accelerate their open finance programmes and look forward to working with the regulators and the community in Chile to drive innovation and enable the advancement of open finance.”

 John Broxis, Managing Director, Open Banking Exchange commented: “Promoting collaboration and best practice in open banking supports the work of the regulators. We believe Open Banking Exchange has an important role to play in Chile with the development of the open finance ecosystem.”

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